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Band - Biography

Green Mountain Guild came together in the spring of 2016. Two years after the

birth of Jason's first child, Jason O'Neill-Butler singer songwriter and keyboardist

was feeling the creative pulse, one creation surely begets another. He called up

his friend and drummer Paul Hardie,who had been a collaborator in a past project with

Jason called The Addiction Dream. Paul's keen ear and expressive playing is the

rock onto which we dreamed up what would become GMG. Albert Mcdonnell

was the first to come aboard, bringing with him his oversized left handed upright bass,

dancing around us in the low end like a jolly bear. Callie Ward was the next to answer

our call. We were in for a treat indeed, as her voice came floating over the rhythm

section like a sweet siren. She also is a co-writer of lyrics for the band. Roberta Gannett

was the last piece of the puzzle, bringing an innate sense of melody to the group

with her violin. Since forming in 2016, GMG took an almost two year

pause while band leader Jason O'Neill-Butler spent time with family in Southern Oregon.

2019 has seen many changes for the group with the departure of Callie to NM

and Roberta to her teaching career. The guild has now entered into a new more electric phase

with Will McKay on guitar, soaring over the rhythm section with tasteful licks.

Now well into 2019, GMG stands poised to flourish in the Portland music scene

with it's second album Train, released at the top of the year.