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Green Mountain Guild is the brain child of singer songwriter Jason O'Neill-Butler.

The name “Green Mountain Guild” was passed down to Jason by his parents,

who in the early seventies struck out for rural Vermont to create a back-to- the-land theater

company. This flourished for almost three decades under the same name. It was there, as a young child that Jason would first fall in love with his lifelong passion, music. Patiently waiting for rehearsals to end, he would slip in and experiment on the piano for hours on end.



The piano, although important for composing, has always played an accompanying role to his voice. Singing is what gives him a sense of joy, calm and focus. He began his performing career at the age of nine in theater and began focusing solely on music in his late teens. Jason’s stubborn DIY spirit and wanderlust set the stage after high school for the next six years. Having hitchhiked thousands of miles through numerous countries, sleeping rough and busking all the while, it finally took a toll and in 1998 he decided to call the PNW his home. He started out in Olympia until a few years later when he decided to check out Portland, and the rest is history. Folk, jazz, art rock, gospel, classical, minimalism, indie pop, experimental, ambient, he has wandered through a menagerie of genres and come out the other side still holding true to his own sound yet carrying a treasure trove of identifiable sonic elements gleaned from his journey. He has been performing in the Pacific Northwest for 20 years and has a catalogue of fifteen recordings both as a sideman and composer.

As a singer he has had to pleasure to perform with Portland Opera and 

Oregon Symphony along with local jazz players Darrell Grant, Gary Hobbs, Dave Captein and Ben Darwish. While singing with the PSU Chamber Choir he had the opportunity to work with Estonian composer Veljo Tormis on the debut recording of his music in English.


Discography of Jason O'Neill-Butler

** Projects written or co-writen by Jason O'Neill-Butler


Precious Time - Jason O’Neill-Butler - 2001 **

ESMP CD Compilation - Monsanto Love Famine - 2001 **

ESMP CD Compilation - Monsanto Love Famine - 2002 **

Trevor Reichman -Trevor Reichman - 2007

On American Shores - Veljo Tormis - 2007

Live Collection - A Minority Of One - 2008

Bathe in Fiery Answer - A Minority Of One - 2009

Burgundy Mountain Morning - People under the Sun - 2012

Essence - The Addiction Dream - 2012 **

The Crystal Voyager - People Under the Sun - 2014

Sunrise Set - East Forest - 2014

In the House of the Goats - The Waking Guild - 2015 **

Holy Waters - Green Mountain Guild - 2017 **

Train - Green Mountain Guild - 2019 **

The Second Great Awakening - Magic Hero VS Rock People - 2019

East Meets West "Live" - AHME - 2019**